How We Work

How We Work

We have been developing and delivering our Functional Skills solution for nearly 6 years. Whilst other providers delayed their plans, we committed ourselves fully to the new qualifications. This gave us the opportunity to test and then pilot our delivery methods in depth with major commercial organisations. As such, we have built up an unparalleled wealth of experience and have been able to refine and further develop our product offer based on feedback from the many hundreds of learners who have now successfully completed our courses.

The successful delivery of Functional Skills has proved to be a major challenge for many traditional Apprenticeship providers who have often relied on their existing Assessors to deliver Functional Skills. However, assessing a learner’s skill level and helping them to improve their levels of English & maths, requires two very different skill sets and we believe it is unrealistic to ask an individual trainer to perform both roles.

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Staying in contact with a number of delegates I have had on my workshop I have heard them say how not only has Functional Skills helped them in their work life it has also helped them in their personal lives through banking, communication via letters and supporting their own children with maths
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Our response has been to recruit a national team of field-based specialist and highly-qualified practitioners, our Learning Support Partners (LSPs). Their role is to:

  • Help learners apply and master new skillsby organising practical tasks through the ePortfolio system, signposting learners to additional resources and setting regular mock exams.

  • Continually support learnersthrough their programme with face to face visits and remote support via text, phone, email and social media

  • Invigilate informal and formal presentationsthat learners need to deliver for the speaking and listening elements of the qualifications along with final exams

We believe that an Individual Learner Plan should mean just that. No two learners have identical needs and our LSPs work closely with each of their learners to establish the approach which best meets their Learning Style and their individual circumstances.

Through our use of technology and an online e-Portfolio, learners have 24/7 access to their learning material and their projects and rapid feedback on their progress from their LSP. This approach ensures a much more engaging learning experience than the use of traditional work books. If one of our learners is experiencing difficulties, we can deal with them quickly and effectively rather than waiting for a monthly visit.

By staying in regular weekly contact with our learners throughout their journey, we ensure that they remain engaged and motivated to complete their training in a timely manner. Moreover, we can identify very quickly any learners who are falling behind on their Learning Plan and implement remedial action. It is this ability to respond rapidly, that has enabled us to achieve completion times and timely success rates well above the national average.