“ Staying in contact with a number of delegates I have had on my workshop I have heard them say how not only has Functional Skills helped them in their work life it has also helped them in their personal lives through banking, communication via letters and supporting their own children with maths ”


Whitbread Apprenticeship Support Advisor

“ Thank you for all the help and guidance not only with the English and Maths but the constant encouragement with my other apprentice tasks and your advice when I did my licencing qualification, you were a constant support to me and helped me and encouraged me. ”


“ It has been a pleasure to work with Lesley and CLP, her dedication and support for our apprentices has been second to none, and she will always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is supported in a very personal and individual way. Nothing has ever been too much trouble, with fantastic communication and flexible ways of working, that has connected and engaged our teams, allowing them to believe in themselves and supported their on-going development. ”


Hotel Cluster Manager

“ Lesley has been extremely supportive and has helped ensure that our apprentices are aware of what is expected, giving support, feedback and encouragement. She has been actively involved with our apprentice’s working with them and understanding their needs and requirements to ensure she gets the best out of them. One example being Kelsey Lund who was extremely nervous and apprehensive about her exams, Lesley was there face to face and through telephone contact to discuss Kelsey’s work, through Lesley’s positive encouragement Kelsey’s confidence grew and she passed her exams with over 95% ”


Whitbread Operations Manager

“ I have had the pleasure of having Leslie as my Functional Skills assessor during my level 2 Apprenticeship.
Leslie is confident in her teaching and in turn is a great confidence giver; she is an engaging, fun and knowledgeable learning partner. She has an amazing flexibility in her teaching styles and is always reliable and there when needed. She understands how to motivate when all seems to be impossible, and makes the impossible, possible. ”


Host, Premier Inn, Basingstoke Town Centre

“ Zoe and I could not have accomplished what we have without the guidance and help of Lesley. Lesley came in and started to be of great support on our journey. Her approach was very different from the previous supporters we had and she was there 24/7 for us on and off line. She provided us with the resources and various information we needed to excel in the Maths & English. Her knowledge and experience shows her expertise and passion for her job. We really want to show our gratitude and thank Lesley & CLP for helping us achieve what we have now. And whoever will be Lesley’s apprentice in the future is very lucky; I would like to think we were too.

Many thanks for all the help and constant support even through my maternity you stayed in touch and allowed me to work at a pace that meant I have managed the apprentice tasks and the Functional Skills. ”


“ Lesley been instrumental in leading and giving clear guidance and support to the 10 team members on our Apprenticeship programme. She has given a huge confidence boost to all the Apprentices, stretching their thinking and knowledge of their job. As a result, 4 of the learners are already undertaking bigger roles. All the apprentices are now ambassadors for this programme and this is down to the dedication and personal care which Lesley has put in to make this a great success and creating a legacy for future apprentices. ”