Creative Learning Zone

In the digital age in which we operate, rapid access to learner information and the ability to track their progress, has become a necessity. Most providers rely on generic Learner Management Systems and e-portfolios. However we have gone one step further and in consultation with our clients, have designed and developed our own unique system. We call it Creative Learning Zone (CLZ) and it has rapidly become an indispensable tool for both our clients and our learners.

CLZ combines the essential elements of a Learning Management System (LMS) with an e-Portfolio and an ever-expanding library of resource material.

Key features of the LMS include:

  • Ability to produce Individualised Learner Records (ILR) including all key information required by funding bodies
  • Tracking of Assigned aims and monitoring of learner progress
  • Pre-booking of Assessments with learners by email and text reminders
  • Full record of Assessment results and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

The platform also contains our own Exam Management System (EMS) which can be used to book learners on to group exam sessions. Learners are notified by email and reminded by text. Attendance at exam sessions is logged as are the exam results and applications for Certification.

The EMS has been proved invaluable in maximising learner attendance for exams

Key features of the e-Portfolio component of CLZ include:

  • Storage of supporting documentation for each learner broken down by task
  • An activity log to record all interactions between Assessor and Learner
  • Tracking of reviews which can then be sent by email to learners
  • Tracking of feedback to client
  • Recording Assessor work plans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • A constantly expanding library of learning resources including Videos and Webinars

This unique facility is part of our service offer to our existing clients and is also available as a standalone product which can be purchased on a per learner basis.