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Many companies in the UK now employ significant numbers of workers for whom English is a second language, from a wide range of countries. They often lack the ability to communicate effectively with their fellow workers and with management and this can lead to additional difficulties for employees already facing the challenge of working in a foreign environment.

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For management, the consequences can be significant, particularly if employees are unable to understand and carry out their responsibilities with regards to compliance in areas such as Health and Safety.

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Staying in contact with a number of delegates I have had on my workshop I have heard them say how not only has Functional Skills helped them in their work life it has also helped them in their personal lives through banking, communication via letters and supporting their own children with maths

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Moreover, as companies seek to rapidly expand their Apprenticeship programmes following the introduction of the Levy, these programmes are a highly effective way of upskilling ESOL learners to the point where their communication skills are sufficient to enable them to undertake an Apprenticeship.

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We have worked with several companies and helped hundreds of learners who face these difficulties. We have found that selected elements of Functional Skills programmes provide an ideal platform for addressing many of the communication issues faced by ESOL learners.