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In September 2013, the government launched a new traineeship programme. The programme is aimed squarely at the nearly 1million young adults currently classified as “NEETs” (Not in Education, Employment or Training). We hate the negative connotation behind the acronym NEET and prefer the expression GREETs (Getting Ready for Education, Employment or Training).

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The programme provides comprehensive pre-employment skill development, together with a period of highly structured work experience and Maths and English Functional Skills training up to Level 2. The programmes are designed to be flexible in length and content (within clearly defined quality standards) and adapted to meet the needs of employers in specific sectors.

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Staying in contact with a number of delegates I have had on my workshop I have heard them say how not only has Functional Skills helped them in their work life it has also helped them in their personal lives through banking, communication via letters and supporting their own children with maths

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We are very excited about the Traineeship project and believe that it could provide a pipeline of skilled applicants into sectors which are currently struggling to find qualified recruits, whilst at the same time acting as a “Pre-Apprenticeship” qualification and providing young GREETs with the first step in a career path.

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Functional Skills are a key element of the Traineeship programme and Creative Learning Partners is ideally placed to deliver this training. Many learners who start these programmes have had a challenging educational experience to date and it is therefore particularly important that they have the support of fully trained, experienced practitioners.